About Inkless Print Kits

photo of inkless print kit

We use special 'inkless' print kits to take handprints or footprints of your children from which we can then make a stamp to create the impression in your jewellery. Inkless print-taking is completely safe for both children and pets. The wipes and paper are made by Nekoosa and are used every day in the US in hundreds of hospitals to take the footprints of newborn babies.

The cost of the print kit - as well as all related postage for sending and returning the prints - is included in the prices for all applicable keepsake jewellery items. Once we have made a stamp it can be used again to make additional pieces for you in future, for which we can then offer a discount.

The inkless print kit comprises one A5 size cellophane wallet containing;


Inkless Print Kit Instructions & Guidance

The following instructions are provided on the back of the card that is sent with your kit. You will also find them as a PDF document that is added as a download available in your account after you have purchased any relevant keepsake jewellery product.

Before You Begin

Do not open the wipe until you are ready to use it. Once opened it can be used a few times, but will quickly become less effective. The inkless wipe is not a wet wipe. It will feel quite dry to the touch - this is normal. If you are using the wipe on a small child, it is best to do so when they are in a calm mood, distracted or asleep.

Some Preparation

Ensure that the body part being printed is clean and dry. Place the special paper on a hard surface, for example a hard back book or a tray. Lightly taping the corners can help to stop the paper moving about.

Important: Please make sure the slightly glossy surface of the special paper is facing upwards - nothing will happen if the paper is the wrong way up. If no prints appear, quickly turn the paper over, re-apply the wipe and try again.

If you are the person applying the wipe, do not touch the paper after you have held the wipe as your prints will appear! Either ask someone to apply the wipe for you or make sure the paper is ready before you apply the wipe. Wash your hands before handling the paper.

Taking The Prints

Wipe over the area being printed - not too much, just enough to make sure the entire surface to be printed is covered.


Hold the child's ankle and press gently but firmly onto the special paper, rolling it from heel to toes. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds then move the foot straight up and away from the paper.


Hands can be tricky with babies as it is hard to uncurl their fingers, so it is best carried out when they are sleeping. Roll hand from base of palm to fingers onto the special paper whilst holding the fingers uncurled. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds then move the hand straight up and away from the paper. This will be easier with another person helping.

The image will appear and darken over a few minutes. As with all prints the image will smudge if the paper or body part moves whilst the print is being taken. Excessive pressure will result in a darker print with less detail. Wash hands or feet with soap and water afterwards.

Returning Prints

If you would like us to use a particular print, please mark it using a cross or an arrow but take care not to draw across the print itself. If you have failed to obtain any satisfactory prints at all, please contact us for further assistance. If necessary, we can usually send you a new print kit without charge, although on occasion (e.g. heavily discounted offers) we may ask you to pay a small amount towards the extra cost of a replacement print kit.

We will process images ourselves to bring out fainter areas, enhance palm details and remove smudging as needed or judged by us to improve the end result. Occasionally we may even combine elements from multiple prints if there is not a single ideal one. If you prefer that we do not make any such corrections or alterations, just let us know.

Using Your Own Scanner

If you have a scanner you can scan the print yourself and email to us. If you want to do this, please use a resolution of 300dpi
minimum with brightness lowered to capture the faintest parts of the print.

Digital Photograph

If you do not have a scanner but prefer to cut out postal times or risks of loss and delay, you may take a high-resolution photo using a digital camera. If you do this please keep the camera angle exactly perpendicular to the paper to avoid any image skew caused by the perspective.

By Post (Recommended)

Ideally, we prefer to scan in the prints from paper ourselves, so even if you take your own scan or photo for backup, please do return the prints using the prepaid envelope supplied. We recommend that you seal the prints inside the celephane wallet in which the paper arrived when returning your prints, to help protect against water and other potential damage.

Even if you don't want to email the prints, it is a good idea to photograph or scan them if you are able, in case of loss in the post. This is especially important for time-sensitive orders as we have found the Royal Mail to be quite unreliable.