What is the process for obtaining hand, foot or finger prints?

Once your order is paid, we will send you an 'inkless' print kit to take the prints, which you must then return to us either by post or electronically if you have a scanner or suitable photograph of the resulting prints. You should receive detailed instructions for taking and returning the prints with your pack and you will find the same instructions available for download in your account page downloads section as soon as you have placed your order. Additional information about the inkless print kits can be found here.

Do you hallmark personalised jewellery?

No, there is no legal requirement to hallmark silver jewellery under 7.8g and we do not make any individual pieces of that size. The cost of hallmarking would increase prices, delay shipment, and occasionally the assay offices have been known to damage the work when stamping.

Hallmarking provides assurances that might otherwise be hard to make for casual buyers when reselling an item, which is less of a concern for personalised jewellery. As the original purchaser, you at least have our legally answerable assurances as the manufacturer that the silver content is exactly as described.

All of our 'silver' pieces are '999' (meaning 99.9%) pure silver, which is known as 'fine silver'. Where we use the term 'sterling silver' that means '925' (92.5%) silver. The remaining alloy mix in sterling silver is usually copper and this is done to make a stronger metal. That is why necklaces, bracelets, jump loops and other fixings or findings tend to be made from sterling silver - for strength.

If an item or parts of it are only silver plated that will always be stated clearly in the full description. Otherwise, 'silver' means 999 fine silver when stated anywhere on our site.